a. Service Area

DuPage Litigation and Mediation Services is available to practice primarily in Cook, DuPage, Will, and Kane counties in Illinois.

b. Service Style

All matters are handled in an expeditious and cost-effective manner that favors a problem-solving approach over time-consuming and overly expensive litigation whenever possible. Clients are not shunted back and forth between numerous unfamiliar attorneys but receive personalized attention as is required for family law problems. Every effort is made to effectuate rapid communication between the attorney and the client, and the overwhelming majority of calls are returned the day they are made.

c. Referrals

On those occasions when referrals are made to other firms, the referral will be discussed in advance and will be subject to the client's approval. Referrals are only made to practitioners that are known as among the best in their field and have an outstanding reputation for handling and satisfying clients.

d. Initiating Representation

Representation is usually initiated by a client call or communication indicating a particular legal problem. A "screening" process is then undertaken to indicate the best and most cost-effective approach available. For example, a seemingly "contested" divorce may be capable of resolution through obtaining personal counseling from a qualified professional, a mediation process, an informal conference with the spouses and their attorneys or even a simplified self-help approach. A flow chart indicating the progression of most divorce cases is set forth below.

f. Location

DuPage Litigation and Mediation Services is located in Suite 50 (5th floor) of the Citibank Building, 1900 Spring Road, Oak Brook, Illinois, situated on the east side of the Oak Brook Shopping Center next to Nordstrom's. This location is central to all major Chicago area expressways as well as O'Hare International Airport.

g. Interstate Cases

For those cases where clients are located out-of-state or must travel a substantial distance, every effort is made to avoid unnecessary travel. This includes electronic communication whenever possible. In addition, clients will be scheduled for appearances as conveniently as possible and only when their presence is necessary and will result in advancing or concluding the case.

h. Divorce Flow Chart

  1. Interview with client
    Informal information gathering
    Fee agreement

  2. Preparation of Petition of Dissolution of Marriage
    Preparation of Petition for Order of Protection
    Petition for Temporary Support
    Other preliminary petitions or restraining petitions

  3. Filing and service
    Ex parte orders

  4. Preliminary hearings

  5. Custody and visitation mediation
    Conciliation attempts
    Custody evaluations
    Child custody education

  6. Formal discovery
    -Request for production

  7. Pretrial procedures regarding settlement
    -Pretrial conferences with parites/court
    -Case management conferences

  8. Trial

  9. Appeal

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