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Client Testimonials

"Hi Mike, this is Brenda Ott from the CBA referral service….I just got a wonderful call and..kudos to you.. a client called singing your praises saying what a wonderful attorney you were and how competent and how well you represented her and how polite you were... She just went on and on and on. We don't often get calls like that… a real breath of fresh air... to hear from clients who are very satisfied. So congratulations and keep up the good work. Hopefully we'll be referring more like this your way."

"Mr. Benedetto... wanted to thank you again for everything you did. You are an amazing lawyer... you are the kindest person, I can't generalize about lawyers anymore after I met you... you are just very, very nice."

"Mr Benedetto represented me in my divorce. My case had international elements, and I had previously consulted another lawyer who told me that even serving my foreign spouse would be very difficult. Mr. Benedetto got this important task done easily and quickly. Right away, he had some creative ideas that I would not have thought of, and that I believe most lawyers would not have thought of. These creative ideas led to a very good settlement for me, whereas less creative thinking would have probably left me with very little.

"He was knowledgeable throughout and struck a good balance between consulting me as to what I wished done, but advising me on what would be best. I never felt he forced my hand, but still, he had a way of easing me into what would be most in my interest for me to do. I would say he is a peacemaker at heart, which is not what one expects from a lawyer. But I feel it is the best approach in family law cases, and in my case led to settlement.

"The opposing lawyer was always trying to fight, and to escalate situations that were already anger provoking. Mr. Benedetto had a great way of calming the situation at various junctions where, without his input, I think a settlement might have become impossible due to the anger of everyone else involved, including the other lawyer!

"Another real plus is that he is very easy to get in touch with. I have heard nightmarish stories from friends who hired other lawyers who were not responsive to their calls. Mr. Benedetto was very responsive and available. He really made me feel as if my case was special. I'm sure he makes every client feel this way, and I highly recommend him as a great lawyer, ethical person and just an all around good man."

"I read over the petition you prepared for me. It looks great, excellent... I couldn't be more pleased with it..."

"For all you have done for us we appreciate your thoughtfulness, kindness, patience and professionalism. We will never forget you. "

"Enclosed is payment for your stellar performance. I am singing your praises wherever it is appropriate... Thank you beyond words… if I ever need such services in the future, I'd come to you! Again, thank you and I am ever grateful."

"You cared enough to do your very best and victory was ours... With grateful appreciation..."

"I just thought I'd say thanks - you represented my interests well. I continue to receive my ex-husband's pension checks which I can really use..."

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